If I Was The Sunshine by Julie Fogliano & Loren Long (Simon & Schuster)

Book cover

In this tender and thought-provoking poetic tale from two heavyweights in the children’s publishing world, ‘If I Was The Sunshine‘ by Julie Fogliano and Loren Long explores unbreakable bonds and forged relationships.

Supported by touching illustrations full of warmth and heart, that only Loren Long can conjure up, he conveys the power of love and special connections through the wonder of nature.

Cockerel crowsSet to a lyrically jaunty rhyme, this story rolls on at a melodic pace and gathers gentle momentum as we delve deeper into the strength of these relationships and witness the greatness of love and friendship.

An emotive and warm-hearted picture book, this rhyming tale will tug at your heartstrings and fill you with a warm, fuzzy feeling and for those of us who have experienced a meaningful connection, a knowing smile on your face.

waves of the sea

“if I were the sunshine

and you were the day

i’d call you hello!

and you’d call me to stay”


This is set to be a contemporary classic, with its gentle lilt and unfurling textured spreads.

A perfect bedtime read, with a reassuring end, this will appeal to children and adults alike and both will take away differing meanings from the narrative.

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