The King Who Banned the Dark by Emily Howarth-Booth (Pavilion)

A truly fresh and formidable debut by Emily Haworth-Booth. This is an outstanding first offering from the multi-faceted author/illustrator, undoubtedly a new name to keep an eye on.

The King Who Banned The Dark is a humorous and shrewdly observed modern fable with clear political undertones.

A thought-provoking tale, highlighting the importance of the dark in order for us to enjoy and appreciate the light.

“There was once a little boy who was afraid of the dark. There’s nothing unusual about that. But this little boy was a Prince, and he decided that when he became King, he would do something about the dark.”

The newly appointed King arranges to ban the dark & claims the negative effects it has upon his people, so he installs an artificial sun and enforces anti-dark laws, but at what cost?

What will happen when nobody can sleep, and the citizens begin to revolt?

Will the King face-up to his fears and turn the lights off?

Haworth-Booth‘s astute narrative, coupled with her distinctive illustrative style makes for a sagacious story.

Pitched perfectly for a younger audience, this shrewd story sheds light on the manipulative behaviours of those in power and supports the need to stand up for what is just.

This is without doubt a book to be shared with young people everywhere, positively promoting the power of the people, culminating in a joyous twist at the end of this illuminating tale.

With a limited yet hugely powerful palette, this makes for a delightful read and one which will be integral to inciting discussion among our future revolutionaries.


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