King Of The Sky by Nicola Davies & Laura Carlin (Walker Books)

Another powerful yet tender read from Nicola Davies, coupled with the most atmospheric illustrations by Laura Carlin.

King Of The Sky‘ promotes the true meaning of home and finding hope in a new land, through the eyes of a young immigrant.

A topic that needs to be explored more readily among a younger audience in the current climate.

As an unexpected friendship forms between a young boy who has begun life in a new country and Mr Evans, an old man who races pigeons, a beautiful story unfolds.

Together the pair pin their hopes on one pigeon, aptly named ‘King Of The Sky’, as it races across Europe. The duo believe in the bird and know it is capable of winning. But what if he doesn’t want to come back?

Both poignant and beautiful in equal measure, this is a story to be shared far and wide across a range of age groups.

It will resonate with a growing number, touch many hearts and inspire a whole new generation to embrace change, no matter the hardships we face.

The unassuming relationship between the man and the boy and the unwavering belief in the bird makes for a hopeful and optimistic read, in what initially appears to be a bleak tale.

Written so empathetically by Davies and illustrated in such a way by Carlin that the over-arching message is conveyed in both the words and pictures, this moving tale is an absolute must for any shelf.


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