The Book Of Mistakes by Corinna Luyken (Dial Books)

c5dygncwqaan0acThe artwork for this book captured our hearts long ago on Twitter and we’ve been lucky enough to receive an advance copy. Thanks Corinna!

This is going to be a tough debut to beat as Corinna Luyken has set the bar very high for what is bound to be a new, modern classic.

c5dygxtxaaa-cwgThe Book Of Mistakes is a highly original picture book that will resonate with us all in one way or another.

Corinna has created the most intricate yet bold artwork with eye-catching pops of colour, intertwined with large negative spaces and black inky lines.

c5sm2u9wiamjsgzIt is a masterful celebration of our mistakes rather than the usual foreboding tale of how our mistakes define us in a negative way.

As the young artist incorporates her inky faux pas and unwitting splodges into her creative process, she experiments with her artwork and watches it unfurl as it transforms in unique and unexpected ways.

Ac5dygucwqaag9ljnd we just have to mention the eloquent and concise use of language Luyken has adopted throughout the story – it captures the essence of the tale to perfection.

What starts out as a story of exploration of the creative process, ends with a clear and irrefutable message about how we are all constantly evolving from our mistakes and we too are indeed works-in-progress.

c5dygrmw8aa7wfcSuch a positive and life-affirming story played out with a most visually compelling backdrop with an unexpected twist, which only reaffirms the underlying message of this upbeat read.

If you didn’t already get the general gist, we adore this book!

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