Henry And The Yeti by Russell Ayto (Bloomsbury)

c4znbo6waaa_zx8We defy you not to be instantly drawn to Henry, a totally adorable protagonist with an unwavering self-belief and a mission to find a yeti.

But do they really exist? Well, he’s going on an expedition to find out, much to everyone’s amusement.


In Henry And The Yeti, with the support of his father and the agreement of his headteacher to go off in pursuit of this presumed fictional character, Henry equips himself with the necessary tools for his forthcoming adventure.

With a final reminder from his father of “No staying up late!” Henry sets off.

c4znbo5xuaeh3hnRussell Ayto provides the perfect balance of visual humour to support a wittily dead pan narrative and his characterisation is second to none.

So will Henry find a yeti and more importantly, will he bring back the much needed evidence to support his findings for all those pessimistic naysayers?

c4znb2xwqaixm0pWe adore Henry’s minimalist but oh-so expressive eyes and that teeny tiny button nose.

Our intrepid and fearless adventurer provides an aspirational tale for young readers everywhere and captures the value of believing in yourself and what you hold dear. Bravo Russell!

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