A Child Of Books by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston (Walker Books)

Cnei8hlWAAALuKzWithout doubt, this is one of the most breathtaking, engaging and multifaceted picture books we’ve ever laid our eyes on.

It offers a completely unique reading experience, presented in a highly original way, as we are taken on a poignant journey of discovery.

When we were lucky enough to get a sneak preview at Walker Books a few months ago, you could positively feel the excitement as it was unveiled and we knew immediately that this would be something very special.CoHtnksWgAAyfCf

Not only is it the creation of picture book giant Oliver Jeffers and typographic fine artist Sam Winston, but it celebrates a love of classic literature with a quirky modern twist, accessible for all ages.

This is a truly unique book that seamlessly combines the written word within illustration & defies the conventional perception of both, in a way that we’ve never seen executed before.

CoHtnnQWAAApucFA most lyrical story that takes extracts from forty two classic pieces of literature and poetry, including words from Gulliver’s Travels which appear as waves on a spread and Hansel and Gretel providing the main branches and twigs for the trees in the forest.

See how many of the forty two great classics you can spot.

CoHtneLWYAACJPbUsing Jeffers signature hand writing and imagery with Winston‘s most inimitable and integral typographic backdrops, this duo have created a package which is highly compelling and one which will require numerous re-visits to truly take in the detail provided by this formidable pairing.

TCoTM55PXEAAx2nWhe hidden layers of narrative intertwined within the illustrations provide another facet to this already elaborate offering and the debossed cover finishes off this quality production to tee.

Getting lost in a book is a truly magical event and this book provides a platform for young readers to open their imagination to a wealth of literary experiences and question convention.

CoTM59KW8AAPVfhTake a journey of self discovery and let your mind run wild as you rediscover all that’s great about books, old and new.

This is a definite keeper and one we will be gifting again and again.

The coupling of Jeffers and Winston has been a visionary move from Walker Books and a collaboration that’ll be tough to top.


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