When I Was Small

10433112_10152956618155446_6961946245905422668_nWhen I Was Small is an adorable sequel to ‘When We Were Small’ and ‘Where You Came From’ and just as beautifully executed by Sara O’Leary and Julie Morstad.

A highly collectible set of hardback books, fabric-bound with the most wonderfully unfurling tales supported by a plethora of beautifully understated illustrations.


Curious Henry has yet another question for his mother to which O’Leary’s delicate and poetic text, provides beautiful answers with a touch of charming humour.

Henry’s mother proceeds to describe her adventures when she was small, VERY small.

Feasting on a raspberry and swimming in a birdbath, are just a few of the delightul answers she delivers to little Henry.


This endearing story is one which children will enjoy and one that will resonate with parents everywhere.

The perfect book for parents who will undoubtedly be required to answer similar questions over the course of time.

Reminiscent of a beautiful vintage book, Julie Morstad’s timeless pen and ink illustrations with splashes of watercolour, provide a crisp, clean finish to accompany a heartfelt text.


The illustrations and text float effortlessly upon large white spaces, giving a distinct feeling of how small Dorothea actually is.

This long-term pairing of O’Leary and Morstad has been a touch of genius and clearly a winning combination, one which we hope continues well into the future.

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