Trik Trak

Trik TrakWhen we saw what Bang Ediciones and Mamut Comics were producing for the younger reader, we were really excited and then ever so slightly disappointed, as they’re not currently translated into English.

However, those clever people over at Bang Ediciones have identified a space in the market for preschoolers which need no translation and can work in any language. And boy have they executed them perfectly!


These simple but effective child-friendly, graphic novels using only pictures, work brilliantly for ages 3+ My 5 year old is a case in point. He picked up Trik Trak by Stephan Lomp and started to add his own narrative, using the pictures presented to help play out his story.

MamutHe also wanted to guess what would happen in the end of the story. It’s refreshing to see quality content offered to a much younger age of the market. We think Mamut have created something very special. Take a look for yourself.

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