The Princess and the Presents by Caryl Hart & Sarah Warburton


There’s nothing we like more (every now and again, I hasten to add) than a good old diva strop, just to remind us how not to behave. It acts as a gentle, or in this case, a not so gentle reminder to my children of how dreadful behaviour and general spoilt-bratishness won’t wash in our household.


And believe you me, this Princess takes the royal biscuit! So much so, even my 6yo noted that “she didn’t deserve ANY presents”.


She rants and raves, makes numerous demands and generally screams until she gets her own way.


Her poor Father, the King tries his best to meet those demands for the royal birthday celebrations and even he, quite proudly, thinks he’s done a fine job of ticking off her never-ending list of requests. But the ungrateful princess still finds fault with the mountain load of birthday gifts.


However, there is a happy end to this story, when the shouty princess soon realises that the material things are far less important as she rushes to find her Father underneath the rubble of the palace, its collapse caused by the sheer weight of her presents!

Luckily for her, she has a forgiving Father and time to make up for her dreadful behaviour.

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