The 5 Misfits by Beatrice Alemagna (Quarto Kids)

The 5 Misfits‘ is another fabulous offering from the fabulous Beatrice Alemanga. With an inimitable contemporary style all of her own, Alemanga has produced another gem of a book.

An allegorical tale which clearly promotes inclusion and celebrates individuality with wit and humour, this is bound to be a hit with children everywhere.

We meet the five very individual, quirky misfits, each with their own foibles and folly, who have never really amounted to much in life.

11665383_10153374210745446_8493265245195824390_nChildren and adults alike will find fun in the weird and wonderful characters and may even feel a certain resonance with one or more of the misfits.

The misfits live together, in a home fit for misfits, whilst they do things that misfits do. Not much of anything.

One is a little but holey, one is folded like a concertina, one is feeble and sleepy, one is completely upside-down and the last one, well that one can only be described as a total and utter catastrophe.


Cue the Perfect One with his flourescent flowing locks and pink pantaloons to remind them of their worthlessness. Or are they?

With a breathtakingly unique style of mixed media illustration, Alemagna brings a subtle, unassuming humour and highly poignant moments, to a clever tale which gets turned totally on its head.

A creatively delivered message, beautifully packaged, this would be a great addition to any shelf.

11659416_10153374210810446_6812443552035326100_nEmbrace your inner misfit, there’s at least one which everyone will be able to identify with in this book.

Out in paperback in early June, this is bound to strike a chord with every reader.


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