Looking After William by Eve Coy (Andersen Press)

This debut from Eve Coy is a simply charming and hugely observant tale with a twist. ‘Looking After William‘ is a perceptive story of role reversal through the eyes of a child.

Jump inside the mind of this rather young “Mummy” who takes great care of William. “Mummy” is in fact William’s little girl and William is the real parent. Told with great humour and affection, this story will appeal to both children and adults.

Young readers will delight in watching this young girl taking control of her Daddy, alongside juggling the other important jobs that Mummies have to do, such as the colouring and preparing the dolly’s tea party.

“William is full of energy and needs lots of exercise. Looking after William keeps me busy.”

Such a jaunty and uplifting text, this won’t fail to bring a smile to any reader’s face.

Eve Coy has a beautifully original style of illustration, the embossed cover is reminiscent of a stylish 1950s book.

Her insightful characterisation brings her deceptively simple narrative to life and her unfurling spreads are truly captivating.

The inky, watercolours provide the perfect backdrop to this serene and humorous story.

We particularly loved the way the young “Mummy” could already see William’s potential for his future career opportunities.

“When he grows up he could be a lion tamer or an astronaut. He could be a famous chocolate maker.”

This is most definitely a perfect read for Father’s Day and one which will be relished by parents and children everywhere.

We must also thank Eve and Andersen Press for our gorgeous painting!


2 thoughts on “Looking After William by Eve Coy (Andersen Press)

  1. wow embossing like a 1950s book sounds amazing. This is the only part I work about when publishing my book with amazon. i want to have more control over this but hey I guess this is my first book . It will still be awesome right?

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