Spyder by Matt Carr (Scholastic)

We love nothing more than a thrilling spy story and ‘Spyder‘ by Matt Carr is bursting with action.

Meet our eponymous heroine, the fearless, most courageous and who also just happens to be the smallest detective in the world – ‘Spyder‘.

Matt Carr‘s picture books have oodles of charm and bags of vibrant colour, the perfect combination to engage inquisitive minds.

But being a super-small special secret agent isn’t as easy as you’d think and when a birthday cake is under threat, Spyder’s super skills are called upon to save the day and the birthday party!

How will she fend-off the enemy and protect the cake from an almost certain devouring? If anyone can, Spyder can!

With his signature illustrative style and brave use of a bold palette, Matt Carr has done it again. Providing an enthralling tale coupled with enticing, interchanging spreads.

From outstanding double-page spreads, to an almost graphic novel style of layout, with rectangular panels and squares, the change in layout makes for an unusual and most thrilling read.

If you haven’t yet seen Carr’s debut, Superbat we suggest you check that out too. You can read our review here.

Young readers won’t fail to be delighted by this winning formula and adults will enjoy re-visiting such appealing stories.

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