The Night Flower by Lara Hawthorne (Big Picture Press)

In this unique tale, where wildlife gather to witness a truly special annual event in the Arizona desert, we the reader, are invited to share in such a notable occasion.

As the sun sets that evening, the desert flower begins to bloom for just one night each year…

An overwhelming celebration of the union of nature, this one-off yearly event brings insects and mammals from far and wide to watch in awe as the desert flower awakens.

Exquisitely illustrated by Lara Hawthorne, this book based on the Saguaro cactus in the Sonoran desert is a real-life, natural world phenomenon.

The deafening silence of the desert is overtaken for just a few fleeting moments, by a cacophony of sound and colour as the congregation assemble.

From howling mice and burrowing owls, to scaled lizards and plodding tortoise, a diverse range of animals join this annual party.

Lara Hawthorne has captured this unusual ceremony in all its glory with a fresh illustrative style and vibrantly unfurling spreads.

The pomp and circumstance that accompanies such a one-off event is encapsulated in Hawthorne’s delicate illustrations.

Using rich earthy tones, coupled with splashes of vibrant pinks and oranges, this is bound to appeal to a younger audience and at the same time portraying this unique real-life event.

We couldn’t resist adding a picture of the beautiful endpapers.


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