Meet the Ancient Egyptians by James Davies (Big Picture Press)

What better way to start a shiny new year with some brand spanking new non-fiction.

This most snappy and exhilarating introduction to the Ancient Egyptians by James Davies, provides an engaging and bite-sized view into a rich and varied topic.

In ‘Meet the Ancient EgyptiansDavies‘ fresh and innovative illustrative style lends itself well to the infographics and highly visual format of this book.

We were also hugely entertained by the humorous and quirky narrative that accompanies the equally captivating spreads.

From the intricacies of mummification to the sheer brute force required for the building of the pyramids, the Egyptian reign is covered in a funky and vibrant format which will have readers gripped from the turn of the first page.

This enticing and exuberant look at the basics of Ancient Egypt is a must-have for sharing non-fiction with a younger audience. 

Davies‘ bold and distinctive illustrative style, coupled with his naturally dry humour is a truly winning formula. Also look out for ‘Meet the Ancient Romans‘ in this series.


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