We’re All Works Of Art by Mark Sperring & Rose Blake (Pavilion)

We’re kicking off 2018 with a review of a picture book that grabbed our attention for a number of reasons.

We’re All Works Of Art‘ by Mark Sperring and Rose Blake is a dual celebration of human diversity and various styles of art – utter genius!

Sperring’s jaunty lyrical text makes for a lively read-aloud story for a younger audience. It’s the perfect introduction to many different styles of art to an older generation, coupled with a much-welcomed normalisation of human diversity.

From Andy Warhol’s pop art, Picasso’s Cubist abstract to classical Renaissance art from some of the greats; including Michelangelo and De Vinci, no artistic era is left unturned.

This book offers an engaging taster of an eclectic range of artistic styles and artists, something for everyone and one which will undoubtedly inspire any budding artists.

A strikingly illustrated tribute to an assortment of artistic genres that have emerged across the centuries, Rose Blake‘s eye-catching spreads will not fail to engage readers.

A book to be shared with a varied audience and one which will inspire and help readers find their own style.


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