Norse Myths – Tales of Odin, Thor & Loki by Kevin Crossley-Holland & Jeffrey Alan Love (Walker Studio)

This particular book received such an overwhelming reception from both our household and our social media followers, we had no choice but to willingly review ‘Norse Myths – Tales of Odin, Thor and Loki‘ by Kevin Crossley-Holland, illustrated by Jeffrey Alan Love.

In this most stylish and magical retelling of Viking mythology, accomplished storyteller, Kevin Crossley-Holland has provided his audience with a collection of fast-paced stories, steeped in equal measure of courage, doom, mythical creatures and glittering treasures.

There’s everything you’d hope to find in well-rounded Norse mythology tale and so deftly supported by Jeffrey Alan Love‘s predominantly monochromatic spreads, with splashes of primary colour for added drama.

Crossley-Holland provides a detailed and fascinating recount of the God’s, from the creation of the nine worlds to the ultimate battle at Ragnarok, his lyrical prose makes for a highly compelling read.

Love’s ominous and atmospheric black textured silhouettes provide a most fitting setting to these notoriously hardy tales, with stories of warriors, monsters and explorers.

Whether you’re a staunch mythology enthusiast or if Viking folklore is new to you, this anthology provides an invaluable resource.

If you happen to pick up a copy do check beneath the dust jacket, where more treasures await…


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