Jamie Hewlett (Taschen)

This is one heck of a hefty tome bursting with Jamie Hewlett goodness, in a range of his varying illustrative styles.

Widely known for his cartoon pop band Gorillaz and his gritty interpretation of Tank Girl, there’s an eclectic range of his work to pore over and get to know more thoroughly.

This belter includes work from the last 25 years of Jamie Hewlett‘s accomplished works and for those who don’t know the artist well, you might be surprised to see some highly opposing styles included.

From black and white detailed lined drawings to retro-inspired photography, through to delicate watercolours and kaleidoscopic graphic novels, there’s something to suit any discerning art-lover.

Possibly more well-known for his graphic novel style with a fresh infusion of contemporary punk, Hewlett’s bold, ‘in-your-face’ artwork stands apart from anything else.

A true creative in every aspect, Jamie Hewlett has moved effortlessly between design, art and music and this exudes through his wide-ranging work.

We enjoyed flicking through his diverse works, from the very detailed, monochromatic ‘Pine Trees‘ to the much-loved ‘Gorlliaz‘, including his collaboration with Oxfam back in 2008 and his highly acclaimed work from the ‘Suggestionists’ exhibition at London’s Saatchi gallery.

This book will require numerous re-visits to truly take in the scope of Hewlett’s work and we look forward to the next one already.

An absolute ‘must-have’ for any coffee table, but be sure to frisk your guests before they leave as they may try to snaffle it on their way out.


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