Chirri & Chirra – The Snowy Day by Kaya Doi translated by Yuki Kaneko (Enchanted Lion)

We absolutely adored the first in this series of Chirri & Chirra, so when we saw the next book was due out we couldn’t wait to share ‘Chirri & Chirra – The Snowy Day‘.

This is set to be another Japanese import that’s bound to capture the hearts of households everywhere.

As we follow this utterly adorable pair on their wintry journey through Kaya Doi’s whimsical illustrations and quirky story, you won’t fail to be won over by the pairs’ enchanting characters.

Doi’s narrative oozes a certain warmth and magical edge which translator, Yuki Kaneko has captured to perfection.

In this eponymous tale, our winsome protagonists set out on a bike ride to explore their magical surroundings as the snow falls.

They stumble across an icy world where they meet a wealth of animals, doing all kinds of things from playing board games and reading, to ice-skating and knitting.

The unconventional but completely necessary details that Doi includes in her writing is part of what makes these stories so special.

As with the first tale, Doi provides an uber sensory experience and an over-arching warmth to her picture books, which makes these a must-have for shelves everywhere.

3 thoughts on “Chirri & Chirra – The Snowy Day by Kaya Doi translated by Yuki Kaneko (Enchanted Lion)

  1. My kids loved the first two books-I’ll have to look for this one! Chirri and Chirra in the tall grass was the second book out in this series, this book is the third. We love reading about all the fun things they eat 🙂

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