The Bad Mood And The Stick by Lemony Snicket & Matt Forsythe (Andersen Press)

A highly observant and witty tale which follows a bad mood as it moves from person to person, wreaking havoc but also leaving a trail of unexpected emotions in its wake.

All the while, the treacherous fate of a solitary stick seems to determine the next victim of the bad mood.

In this Lemony Snicket story, we are greeted with his trademark originality and his own unique take on people’s bad moods with a sense of frivolity and deadpan humour.

The bad mood is depicted as a loveable multi-coloured cloud and we enjoyed watching how quickly it could be moved on by a small and simple act and also how instantly it could be summoned.

With unexpected twists and turns and a wealth of emotions and surprises experienced, this is Lemony Snicket at his best. From anger to laughter and forgiveness to love, you never know what is going to happen.

This tale moves at a pace in a clever and engaging tone, coupled with Matt Forsythe’s fresh illustrative style.

Each of Matt Forsythe‘s spreads radiates with colour and cheeky visual asides. There’s an underlying warmth to Matt‘s palette choice and an overwhelming stylish 60s feel to his characterisation.

The Bad Mood And The Stick‘ is a complete triumph in terms of the inventive story, to the genius pairing of Snicket and Forsythe.

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