Don’t Leap Larry! by John Briggs & Nicola Slater (Pavilion)

We love a tale that dares someone to be different and especially when it shows that standing out from the crowd can be a positive experience.

Take lemmings as a perfect example, they’re all alike. They look alike, sound alike and they even act alike, except that is, for one.

cwrhhoixuau79reMeet Larry.

Larry likes to play with the puffins, bang on the bongos and dine on pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and hot sauce.

He was very easy to spot amongst the other lemmings and always stood out from the crowd.

cwrhhsfwgaaropxLarry knew he wasn’t like the other lemmings and went off to find more like-minded animals, something no other lemming had ever done before.

He tried shacking up with the seals and moving in with the puffins. He even dared to visit the polar bears.

cwrhhxowqaamjdDespite his thrilling adventures and his desire to be his own person, Larry longed for home. When he returns, Larry makes some changes, ensuring his fellow lemmings start to think for themselves.

‘Don’t Leap Larry!’ has such a delightful message from John Briggs, executed to perfection with a good helping of humour and appealing illustrations from Nicola Slater. A truly life-affirming story which needs to be shared with every child.


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