Here We Are – Notes For Living On Planet Earth by Oliver Jeffers (Harper Collins)

If there ever was a book so superbly timed with an original sensibility built around our precious planet, then ‘Here We Are‘ by the inimitable Oliver Jeffers is it!

Living on earth can be complex and utterly bamboozling, but it can also be rather simple, we just have to be mindful and remember to be kind.

What might seem like an overly simplified message, is one that rings true and is crying out to be echoed across all countries the world over, particularly in the current political climate.

Our world can be a bewildering place, especially if you’ve only just got here.” Inspired by the birth of Oliver’s son, this emotive and thought-provoking story will strike a chord with readers of every creed, race and colour everywhere.

Oliver has a knack of knowing how to say things that resonate immediately with his audience, in such a way that it transfers across a wide and varied audience, not to just a specific group.

With his signature illustrative style, gentle humour and charming narrative, this is bound to be another future classic from Jeffers.

We love the way this book strips everything back to the core values of being kind, tolerant and respecting our planet.

It really brings home the fact that we are after all the same, we all rotate around the sun equally and ultimately together. ‘Here We Are‘ should be on all our reading lists and we urge you to have a copy on your shelves, libraries and in schools.


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