The Superhero Adventure Playset by Jason Ford (Laurence King)

Jason Ford strikes again! If you’ve happened to see ‘The Superhero Comic Kit‘ then you’ll know what he’s capable of.

His next offering, ‘The Superhero Adventure Playset’ is another resounding winner.

This isn’t just a book, it’s a pop-up, 3D carousel with three amazing scenes and 12 feisty Superhero characters to create your own narrative.

With three very different but all equally compelling backdrops, you are invited to use the pop-out scenes to make your own Superhero stories.

This would make a perfect gift for any creative types and a provides a great introduction to the elements of storytelling to a younger audience.

Each vibrant scene offers a strong and individual theme and your choice of a range of characters.

The options are endless.

My  ten year old daughter was inspired to create her own stop-motion movie with the playset and here’s the end result.

2 thoughts on “The Superhero Adventure Playset by Jason Ford (Laurence King)

  1. Hi Picture Book Blogger – thank you so much for your positive review of the Superhero Adventure Playset (bit of a mouthful) and for flagging it up on instagram – much appreciated. I’m a little ham fisted at this social media lark so any additional exposure is very welcome. Your daughter’s little movie is inspired. What a great idea. I’ll have to show my daughter, who’s 7, her efforts. She’ll want to do something similar no doubt…

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