When I Grow Up by Tim Minchin & Steve Antony (Scholastic)

We’ve waited for this book with much anticipation and excitement since we spotted Steve Antony‘s announcement over on Twitter.

As you would expect from such a formidable pairing, we have not been disappointed.

Inspired by the emotive hit song by Tim Minchin, ‘When I Grow Up‘ from Matilda the Musical, the book takes a light-hearted look at growing older through the eyes of a child.

Filled with emotion and magical illustrations, this makes for a compelling rendition of Tim Minchin‘s hit song.

Steve Antony‘s illustrations ooze a natural warmth and charm which support Minchin’s lyrics to perfection.

Obviously grown-ups have all the fun. Going to bed late,  eating sweets every day on the way to work and watching TV until their eyes go square. But is that really the case…?

Growing-up can be a daunting and rather overwhelming thought, but this endearing tale adds a helping of humour, a good dollop of colour and how children view adulthood.

A jaunty yet moving tale that will resonate with readers of all ages. This inspired collaboration is a picture book revelation.

Head over to Twitter to be in with a chance to win a copy of the book.

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