The Mediterranean by Armin Greder (Allen & Unwin)

We’ve seen a number of timely and politically charged picture books recently and this is one of the most uncompromising.

The Mediterranean‘ is a wordless and devastatingly poignant journey, played out in overwhelmingly atmospheric spreads.

With shocking and emotive illustrations, the reader is invited to creative their own narrative around the oppressive pictures.

In this profoundly moving story, Armin Greder tackles the plight of refugees head on and highlights the abhorrent horrors faced by these people.

This is an ideal book to share with older children to instigate discussion and foster empathy around a situation that an increasing number of people find themselves in.

Armin Greder’s uses an illustrative style that is shrouded in a foreboding sense of darkness and impending doom.

His unfurling spreads which incorporate harsh charcoal lines and large white spaces make for an unforgiving and very harsh tale to swallow, but a very necessary one.

With a ‘no holds barred’ approach to this wordless storytelling, Greder has produced another hugely important and well-timed story in a refreshing format.


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