Lines by Suzy Lee (Chronicle Books)

If you’re not already familiar with award-winning Suzy Lee‘s work, we suggest you rectify that posthaste.

She has an incredible way of producing a truly creative story that captures the true essence of what a book should offer us all – true, unadulterated escapism.

Lines‘ is perhaps a seemingly simple premise, but one which has been exquisitely executed.

It’s a wordless story which begins with a single pencil stroke & morphs into a truly creative and unexpected tale.

As the meandering pencil lines continue to flow, a single skater leaves a trail of lines in all shapes, sizes and directions, across the white sheet of paper… or is it ice?

Blurring the lines between the real and the imagined, Suzy Lee has a knack of creating stories to wholly immerse yourself in.

But where will the lines lead? And what will become of the solitary skater?

Parallels between the skater and the artist exist throughout the book. When the skater crash lands so too does the artist, screwing-up the paper on the subsequent spread, awash with rubbings-out.

Such an original and thought-provoking concept, we highly recommend this book enthusiasts everywhere.

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