Nibbles: The Dinosaur Guide by Emma Yarlett (Little Tiger Press)

Uh oh, Nibbles the monster is back! He’s escaped from his own story and chomped his way through a stonkingly great book of dinosaurs.

This time you are needed to help Nibbles escape the treacherous jaws of the Velociraptor and evade capture from the three-horned Triceratops.

With his insatiable appetite, Nibbles continues to devour books, but has he met his match on this occasion?

If anyone can deliver a well thought-out, über creative and highly engaging picture book, it’s Emma Yarlett.

Not only are there tactically placed die-cuts to peep-through and tempting flaps to lift, the bite-sized (‘scuse the pun) snippets of information are delivered in such an inviting way, that all age groups will undoubtedly learn something along the way.

Emma‘s books never fail to pack a punch and the latest installment of Nibbles doesn’t disappoint.

With it’s cleverly contemplative style, peppered with visual humour and a wily introductory lesson to the Jurassic period, ‘Nibbles: The Dinosaur Guide‘ is sure to be the complete crowd pleaser.


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