The Grotlyn by Benji Davies (Harper Collins)

When Benji Davies has a new picture book on the scene, you know you’re in for a real treat. His naturally empathetic illustrative style, coupled with an original storyline and instantly loveable characters make for a compelling read and ‘The Grotlyn‘ delivers on all fronts.

With equal measure of intrigue, mystery and suspense, ‘The Grotlyn‘ will have its audience gripped from the turn of the very first page. Using an overwhelming atmospheric style, the reader is immersed in grimy, dank Victorian London.

But what or whom is this most curious Grotlyn? What sort of creature could it be, scurrying across the town, frightening everyone in its path?

With just three integral characters at the heart of this timeless tale, Rubi, Sam and PC Vickers will draw you in to this mysterious narrative, as you get lost among the eerily unfurling spreads.

As the jaunty rhyming text brings us gently closer to finding out who the Grotlyn might be, the tension builds with each new couplet.

Another beautifully understated tale, with beguiling illustrations and a melodic rhyming prose, Benji Davies is quickly becoming the king of picture books.

We can’t recommend this utterly spellbinding story enough.


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