One Hundred Things To Spot by Naomi Wilkinson (Wide Eyed Editions)

A most stylish and fresh introduction to core concepts for pre schoolers, with a game of cat-and-mouse on each spread.

‘One Hundred Things To Spot’ does exactly what it says on the tin.

Introducing a younger audience to key concepts such as shapes, colour terms and opposites just got way cooler!

Naomi Wilkinson has produced a quality resource for an inquisitive audience and one that will incite learning in a fun and playful way.

Bustling spreads packed with complementary palette combinations and clean imagery, make for an engaging way to reinforce first words and concepts.

First words and abstract ideas are presented in an original, accessible and compelling format – we love it!

There’s also a cat and mouse to spot on every spread, an additional element to appeal to a preschool audience.

As a preschool practitioner, I see numerous books which aim to support the learning of initial concepts and early vocabulary, but none have executed it quite like this.

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