How To Make Friends With A Ghost by Rebecca Green (Tundra Books)

This book popped up on social media over a year ago, whilst following the inspiring work of Rebecca Green.

Rebecca kindly posted us one of her original copies of ‘How To Make Friends With A Ghost’ and seeing it again now, in its final form is even more charming and endearing.

Ghosts are often given a bad press and Green‘s witty and quirky debut opposes the theory that ghosts are scary and foreboding.

In fact, ghosts need friends too and as long as you follow a few simple rules your ghost will lovingly grow up and grow old with you.

So, would you know what to do if you met a ghost? Here are some top tips:

DO NOT run away! Ghosts are sensitive creatures and for goodness sake do not let them be mistaken for a marshmallow.

Provide your ghosts with a favourite spooky snack such as earwax truffles or mouldy toast and ensure you have plenty of hiding places for your new-found friend.

This perfectly practical guide to befriending a ghost is beautifully illustrated and the witty narrative provides an exemplary introduction for perhaps a more fearful audience.

A must-have manual for all households, this beguiling read will provide a whole new perspective on the supernatural world and introduces ghosts in a much more accessible and appealing way.

Tundra Books kindly sent us our own little ghost to make and befriend…

We’ve followed Rebecca’s wise words to the letter and it appears we’ve already made a good start…

My 10 year old is rather attached to our new friend and the book will be referred to regularly as we learn ‘How To Make Friends With A Ghost.’

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