A Werewolf Named Oliver James by Nick J Frith (Scholastic)

We’ve never hidden our love of Nicholas J Frith‘s work and his latest offering is as equally as compelling as his previous books.

His debut blew us away and rightfully won awards, closely followed by ‘Hello, Mr. Dodo!‘, another fresh storyline and stunning artwork.

‘A Werewolf Named Oliver James’ is another original and highly compelling tale supported by a sumptuous palette.

Oliver James is just a ‘normal’ boy, doing usual boy stuff, minding his own young boy business… Until one eery moonlit night when something strange happens to Oliver James.

Oliver mysteriously and unexpectedly turns into a werewolf. Instantly, he can run at super speeds and leap over the tallest buildings.

He’s incredibly strong and loves his new-found super powers. But what on earth will his parents say when he returns home?

This beautifully witty and unique story, coupled with a rich and innovative palette makes for a highly enticing read.

Frith‘s artwork will appeal to all ages and his sparing but romping narrative adds another level of energy to this dramatic text.

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