The Gritterman by Orlando Weeks (Particular Books)

‘The Gritterman’ is an emotive and tenderly crafted story about the solitariness of ageing, growing old with an overwhelming dignity and the acceptance of the inevitable.

In summer he sells ice cream from his van, in winter he grits the roads.

“If it’s not dewy it’s drizzly. If it’s not drizzly, it’s spitting. If it’s not spitting, it’s chucking it down or bucketing it down or coming down in sheets.”

This quintessentially British story takes a thoughtful yet powerful look at ageing, coupled with the most atmospheric illustrations.

As our nameless protagonist heads out to grit the roads for one last time he passes the usual places, but there’s something different about this journey.

Something comforting… The engine starts first time and the overarching feeling of freedom begins to set in.

The gentle, heart-warming ending provides the perfect close to a pensive read.

Former front man of The Maccabees, Orlando Weeks has created a truly thought-provoking debut, captured perfectly by his stark but affectionate illustrations.

We really hope to see more from Orlando Weeks in this stimulating format and engaging narrative style.

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