Perfectly Norman by Tom Percival (Bloomsbury)

If you need a book that tackles overcoming fears and finding your own rightful place in this world, then this is it. (But make sure you don your sunglasses first, the cover is electrifyingly luminous.)

Perfectly Norman‘ by Tom Percival is a bold and uplifting story about a boy who had always been perfectly normal, until one day… he sprouts wings!

Of all the things to be faced with whilst growing up!

Norman had imagined growing taller or even growing a beard like his dad, but not growing  a pair of wings!

After all, no-one else has wings do they, so why him?

Norman had the best time flying around in the sky swooping and diving through the clouds.

But he knew no-one would understand so he tried to hide his wings by wearing his big, yellow coat.

Norman was miserable. Hiding his wings was making him very sad. But what would happen if he revealed his wings to everyone? What’s the worst that could happen?

We all know it can be tough fitting in and sometimes our quirks and foibles are what make us unique, so we should embrace them and who knows, someone else may be just like you…

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