Professional Crocodile by Giovanna Zoboli & Mariachiara Di Giorgio (Chronicle Books)

Sometimes a book lands on our doorstep and it requires our immediate attention and an inordinate amount of time spent poring over intricate spreads and several ‘read-throughs’.

Professional Crocodile‘ did exactly that and we couldn’t wait to share it with you any longer.

In this exquisitely illustrated wordless picture book we follow Mr. Crocodile on his way to work, in glorious colour, packed with wit and clever observations.

From the moment he gets up to the point where he arrives at his unexpected job. But what exactly does he do for a living?

Every morning he wakes to his alarm, brushes his teeth, selects the appropriate tie to match his outfit and eats a slice of toast, before heading off to work.

Adding your own narrative to this unfurling wordless story will make this book even more engaging.

There are a plethora of details on each spread and plenty to incorporate into your story for Mr. Crocodile.

Giovanna Zoboli has created a highly original story with a fabulous twist at the end. Coupled with Mariachiara Di Giorgio‘s sublime and observant illustrations, this has to be one of our new favourite wordless picture books.


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