Whose Eyes Are These? by Virginie Gobert-Martin & Madeline Peirsman (Tate Publishing)

Whose Eyes Are These?” poses this very question across a stark white spread, with just one curious pair of over-sized eyes staring back at the reader.

At the turn of the page the animal is identified with a brief, descriptive prose and those quizzical eyes magically transferred to their rightful owner.


The next bustling spread provides an almost graphical illusion where the reader is invited to discover the animal surrounded by stunning scenery.

From Lemurs to Shrimps this book offers an ingenious and creative way to discover a wealth and diverse range of animals.

Virginie Gobert-Martin and Madeline Peirsman together create a unique journey with gloriously rich graphical illustrations and a playful text.

Providing an engaging format for a younger audience to delve into the world of perhaps some new, less obvious animals.


This inventive and highly original introduction to an unexplored world makes this picture book so utterly compelling and hugely entertaining.


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