The Last Tree by Ingrid Chabbert & Guridi (Kids Can Press)

If there was ever a gentle yet openly stark introduction to the environment around us, then this is it.

The Last Tree‘ provides a poignant yet tender look at the importance of preserving the natural world and how we each can contribute in a small way.

Set to an almost futuristic backdrop, the looming concrete buildings and the immediate lack of colour provide the perfect setting for this foreboding tale.

At the edge of a concrete city grows a tiny, solitary tree. A boy stumbles across the sapling and knows it won’t thrive there. He must protect this fragile leafy being. But how?

Narrated by a boy looking back on an event that holds extreme significance, the story ultimately provides hope for the future, a need to preserve our natural life and the significance of the role of nature.

We must take action no matter how small our contribution.

Guridi‘s imposing illustrations support the narrative to perfection and the limited but powerful use of colour adds a sense of urgency to the underlying message.

So empathetically written by Ingrid Chabbert and astutely observed by Guridi, this is a story to be shared far and wide to spread the word to the next generation of budding environmentalists.


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