Dino (A pet unlike any other) by Diego Vaisberg (Templar Publishing)

We do appreciate a beautifully produced book and ‘Dino‘ (A pet unlike any other) by Diego Vaisberg, is no exception.

Printed in only vivid blue and red pantone inks, this screen-printed book is a piece of art in its own right.

So what happens when a gigantic egg appears in your back garden and out pops a dinosaur?!

Well, it all seems rather innocent to begin with, just your usual, run of the mill pet, until Dino begins to grow… and grow…

As you can imagine it’s not long before the chaos ensues! How on earth do you accommodate an oversized pet like Dino?

Written with a light-hearted humour and coupled with texture-filled spreads, this makes for an engaging read and an inventive approach to story telling.

This is Diego Vaisberg’s debut picture book and is one which will catch many an eye. His illustrative style is highly original and his bold artwork will undoubtedly have wide appeal.

Keep an eye on this new talent, we envisage a bright future ahead.

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