The Way Home In The Night by Akiko Miyakoshi (Kids Can Press)

This is another awesome production from Akiko Miyakoshi. ‘The Way Home In The Night‘ is a gently unfurling story of a city seeking comfort in the bosom of the night, through young eyes.

With limited text and sumptuous illustrations, this story can be extended in numerous ways and makes for a reassuringly soothing read.

A young bunny is carried through the evening streets by its mother, shrewd observations are made and the bunny then transforms these snippets of others lives into stories of their own.

There are many unanswered questions throughout the book. Who is on the phone? What is on the television? Why are they throwing a party?

Using a soft, grainy monochromatic backdrop, this provides an almost dreamlike setting for this perfect bedtime read.

The pops of muted colour bring each spread to life in an understated but calming way and

Observed so astutely by  this picture book will undoubtedly incite further discussion and perhaps prompt answers to some of the unanswered questions within the pages of this beautifully unwinding story.

One for shelves everywhere and a future classic to be enjoyed time and time again by adults and children alike.


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