Poppy and the Blooms by Fiona Woodcock (Simon & Schuster)

Another highly charming and whimsical offering from Fiona Woodcock, ‘Poppy and the Blooms‘ is a winning follow-up to ‘Hiding Heidi‘.

With her unique and eye-catching illustrations, this story can’t fail to please audiences young and old.

Woodcock‘s characterisation is second to none.

When four endearing, skateboard-wielding wildflowers find out that the last green space in the city is about to be paved over they know they need to take action – NOW!

With the use of a largely monochromatic backdrop, the dramatic impact of the pops of colour on each spread are all the more poignant.

The colour builds throughout the book and provides a euphoric crescendo to the finalé.

We defy you not to be drawn in by Poppy and the gang and the charming storyline of these small but mighty characters.

With an underlying message of small gestures making big differences and a nod to environmental awareness, this story will undoubtedly appeal to a wide and varied audience.


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