The Night Box by Louise Greig & Ashling Lindsay (Egmont)

A reassuring bedtime read for any young child, but particularly for those with a fear of the dark.

‘The Night Box’ is a lyrically soothing story written so eloquently by Louise Greig and gently brought to life with Ashling Lindsay‘s unique illustrations.

This tunefully poetic tale witnesses day unfurl into night through the eyes of a young boy, in a truly mesmerising format.

The reader will get lost Lindsay‘s atmospheric spreads, whilst truly immersed in the hypnotic and enchanting text offered by this new talent in picture book, Louise Greig.

As day begins to retire to the grip of night, Max holds the key to the Night Box and he knows just when to let the day slip inside as Night sweeps out.

The visual representation of this moment, coupled with such a tuneful text makes for a highly engaging picture book from this formidable pairing.

A beautifully understated but poignant read which delivers a most soothing story to round off the day.

Such an original bedtime story will be bound to delight its audience time and time again. Watch out for this pair, we expect to see more great things from them both in the future, be it together or on their own.


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