Daddy Long Legs by Nadine Brun-Cosme & Aurélie Guillerey (Two Hoots Books)

In lieu of Father’s Day and as Dad’s all too often get overlooked in picture books, we’re bringing you our review of ‘Daddy Long Legs‘ by Nadine Brun-Cosme and Aurélie Guillerey.

A perfect book to be shared on Father’s Day and well beyond.

This wildly imaginative and emotive portrayal of the father/son relationship is empathetically written by Brun-Cosme and vibrantly brought to life with Guillerey’s joyous illustrations.

As Matty is dropped off at nursery by his Daddy, his imagination begins to run wild. What if their old green car won’t start and his Father won’t be able to pick him up?!

There are lots of ‘what ifs’ but Matty’s Daddy has a madcap and highly creative answer to each of his questions.

“I will go round up all the birds in the garden. They will take me by the arms and fly me to you.” said Dad.

“What if the birds are too busy looking after their babies?

Matty’s Dad his a big imagination and an answer for everything for an anxious Matty. Such an endearing and reassuring read and one that every parent and child will relate to.

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