Everbody’s Welcome by Patricia Hegarty & Greg Abbott (Caterpillar Books)

In such an openly tumultuous time ‘Everybody’s Welcome‘ by Patricia Hegarty and Greg Abbott provides some much needed tolerance and acceptance.

As the world enters a new wave of social and political unease and the refugee crisis hits an all time high, this message couldn’t be more pertinently timed.

This cleverly written story so empathetically illustrated, goes way beyond the physical pages and will undoubtedly instigate relevant conversation among our younger readers.

Conversations that can and should be started with our younger generations.

A genuinely heart-warming tale that embraces acceptance and understanding and one which whilst idyllic, offers hope and an over whelming sense of kindness.

The title of this book encompasses everything that the author and illustrator want you, the reader, to take away and explore further.

A picture book which provides a truly inclusive approach can only help to support and educate our children on the current crisis faced by many refugees and to ultimately affirm the way in which we should treat our neighbours, no matter who they are.

Thank you to Thomas Truong for providing the inspiration for this most important text.


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