Rapunzel by Bethan Woollvin (Two Hoots)

The much-anticipated ‘Rapunzel‘ from Bethan Woollvin has finally arrived and it most certainly lives up to Woollvin’s glorious reinvention of Little Red Riding Hood.

This is another uniquely dark and resoundingly comical twist on a classic fairy tale.

The classic scene is set as our well-loved, golden-haired princess is found locked in her tower, under the curse of the evil witch, destined for a life of captivity… Or is she?

Not this formidable leading lady! She’s not doomed to be ensconced in this impenetrable stone tower for the rest of her days, heck no!

This Rapuzel has fresh ideas, much more in-keeping with a feisty 21st century protagonist, in our view.

We adore Woollvin‘s bold and defiant reinvention of a timeless classic. It’s a highly original take on a long-standing tale and one which cleverly challenges the female role in storytelling.

With not a handsome prince in sight, nor a princess in need of saving, this makes for a refreshing alternative finale for Rapunzel.

Bethan Woollvin burst onto the picture scene with ‘The Macmillan Prize for Illustration 2014’ under her belt and you can see why. Her statement monochromatic, bold spreads make for an engaging read and her injection of zingy colour pop on every page.


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