The Cow Who Fell To Earth by Nadia Shireen (Penguin Books)

In this ridiculously a-moo-sing tale of lost moon cow meets unassuming sheep, we are rudely introduced to a falling cow as she crash lands onto a flock of snoozing sheep.

The cow can only say ‘Woo’ and the sheep struggle to understand her plea for help.

Following her impromptu landing, she tries to tell the sheep her terrifying story but they just hear weird noises.

Unanimously, the sheep agree to call the cow ‘Dave’. The cow could clearly see she was in trouble and began to worry about how she would ever make it back home to her family.

Nadia Shireen‘s has a knack of creating the most loveable characters coupled with ridiculous humour, her stories are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The Cow Who Fell To Earth‘ is no different and married with her rich illustrations, this makes for another sweet but not sickly bedtime read.

Just how will ‘Dave’ get back to her home with this dim-witted group of sheep as her only hope?

Will any of the other animals be able to help and will anyone ever understand her?

A delightful tale with an abundance of humour and a warm-fuzzy ending.


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