New York & London by Jane Foster (Templar Publishing)

These stylish and vibrant early-concept books by designer Jane Foster, make for a truly engaging introduction to two of the world’s most iconic cities.

As a leading textile designer, Jane produces bold, crisp imagery that will undoubtedly appeal to design-conscious parents.

From the much-loved black cab to the well-known Empire State Building, Foster captures those landmarks and sights which exude London and New York to perfection, with perhaps some unexpected surprises along the way.

The considered use of contrasting palettes and bold primary backgrounds will fascinate a younger audience.

In a durable board book format, these books provide an eye-catching alternative to the more traditional photographic concept books out there currently.

Unlike the photographic productions, this contemporary graphical style will not date and these are set to become a timeless offering for years to come.

They would make an ideal gift for any baby or toddler and can withstand whatever little fingers might have to throw at them.

Foster’s retro-inspired graphical style provide the perfect marriage to the strong colours used throughout the book.


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