The Thing by Simon Puttock & Daniel Egnéus (Egmont)

We haven’t been this excited by a picture book in quite some time. ‘The Thing‘ by Simon Puttock & Daniel Egnéus is a delightfully open-ended story with many layers and one which offers an understated, yet poignant social commentary on ‘being’ in the 21st century society.

One day, the Thing falls from the sky and an eclectic mix of four strangers stumble across it.

But what is the Thing? Is it any use for anything or anyone? What does it do? And to whom does it belong?

With not one pronoun or gender specific character in sight, we adore the conscious ambiguity of this tale. There are no hard and fast answers, but plenty of underlying messages to dissect and explore.

This truly captivating story will hold many different meanings to varying audiences.

Touching on themes of compassion, kindness and belonging, this quirky tale will undoubtedly instigate crucial questions and topics for further discussion across all age groups.

So cleverly observed and pointedly written by Simon Puttock, nothing gets lost in his narrative and many conclusions can be drawn from his shrewd text.

Coupled with timeless illustrations from Daniel Egnéus and his ingenious characterisation, this a complete gem to be shared far and wide with children and adults alike.

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