The Fog by Kyo Maclear & Kenard Pak (Tundra Books)

In this cleverly observed reminder about the effects of global warming on our planet, we meet Warble, a small yellow bird who likes nothing more than a spot of human watching.

Such a simple, but impressionable twist in this story provides the perfect backdrop to enlighten a new generation about the importance of taking note of what’s happening around us and not to ignore the signs.
Warble is very aware of the increasing fog around his island but none of the other birds take much notice. He can only watch as the fog increases and he witnesses the impending changes to his island.

Until one day a Red-hooded Spectacled Female (Juvenile) appears and she too notices the ensuing fog.

Is the fog here to stay? Will it get worse? Will they find others who can see it too?

Little by little, they do find others who see it and who also want to fix it.

Kyo Maclear writes with such feeling and heart and she manages to turn such a heavy topic into a light-hearted, up-lifting yet poignant storyline.

Coupled with Kenard Pak‘s delightfully delicate illustrations, this makes an in-depth subject matter truly accessible for a younger generation.

A clear and witty message about the fragility of our world and the effects of global warming. A perfect and gentle introduction to environmental issues for young readers everywhere.

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