Over And Under The Pond by Kate Messner & Christopher Silas Neal (Chronicle Books)

This beautifully illustrated picture book, brings to life the magic of our ecosystem and the wonderfully lush life that thrives around our rivers and ponds.

Over And Under The Pond‘ takes a closer look at the life that lives in the pond but also the wildlife and plant life above and around the water.

A boy and his mother take a boat on the river to explore the wonder of the plant and animal life above and below the pond.

Together, they unearth a secret and abundant marine life complete with bullfrogs, minnows and crayfish.

Above the water they encounter a wealth of various species and enter the animal world, if only for a while.

Kate Messner provides a rich narrative with a plethora of new species to discover and Christopher Silas Neal provides a vibrant and empathetic set of spreads to support the text.

Silas‘s spreads are packed with movement and activity, bound to keep any fidgety readers enthralled page after page.

This tender marriage of fiction and non-fiction is a complete delight and the perfect introduction for a younger audience to the wonder of our ecosystem.


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