Mrs Mole, I’m Home! By Jarvis (Walker Books)

We all love a trier and Morris the mole is certainly one of life’s most tenacious moles, if ever there was one.

Morris has lost his spectacles but in true British style, he carries regardless in a vain attempt to reach his beloved Mrs Mole and his children.

But his journey doesn’t quite go to plan as Morris ends up burrowing his way into several animal’s homes but not his own!

From Mrs Bunny’s cosy warren to Daddy Penguin’s rather chilly Antarctic setting, will Morris ever make it home?

With perfect comic timing and hilarious consequences, there’s everything to love about this veritable bedtime read and our diligent hero.

Jarvis has produced another winning formula with his stylish illustrations and witty narrative, right to the turn of the very  last page.

We couldn’t love Morris Mole any more if we tried, he has heart, courage and determination, the best ingredients for any main character.

Such a delightful story and another sure-fire hit for Jarvis following the success of Alan’s Big Scary Teeth.


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