Big Hid by Roisin Swales (Flying Eye Books)

Big and Little are inseparable. They do everything together, the best of friends.

But one day Big does something unexpected. He hides away in his shell, not to be seen again.

What on earth is Little supposed to do now?

Little tries everything to entice Big out of his shell, but to no avail.

Roisin Swales debut is a bold and beautiful package, with a poignant and timely message for a young audience.

Little seeks advice from his fellow animal friends but nothing seems to work.

Big is firmly locked in the confines of his shell and there’s no budging him.

The premise of this tale is about overcoming sadness and celebrating true friendship. Sometimes when we’re feeling down all we need is a bit of time and a hug.

As mental health and well being is particularly topical, this is a great way to encourage a younger contingent to empathise and be introduced to these topics in an accessible format.


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