Splat! by Jon Burgerman (OUP Children’s)

As you might expect from Jon Burgerman‘s debut picture book, it’s a visually vibrant, highly playful, explorative experience.

It is one which truly pushes the boundaries with the physicality of the book and encourages interaction from the reader with the turn of each page.

If you’re already aware of Jon Burgerman‘s work (and if you’re not, you should be!) you’ll know how he incorporates weird and wonderful characterisation, with an abundance of colour, a sprinkling of personality and a smattering humour.

And this picture book encompasses all that’s great about Burgerman and his irrepressible work.

This book will have you giggling aplenty and pre-empting how the next spread will play out, ultimately building up to the crescendo of the laugh-out-loud final spread.

Prepare for some over exuberant page turning, for maximum Splat! impact.

This is pure onomatopoeic, in-your-face, effervescent Jon Burgerman goodness and we defy you not to be enthralled by his illustrative style and drawn in to his interactive approach to books and reading for a younger audience.

Minimum text provides maximum impact in this fresh approach to picture books.

Catch him on his UK Splat! tour here.


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